4 Ways Dental Crowns Can Fix Your Thanksgiving Smile [BLOG]

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This Thanksgiving, you need healthy teeth and a beautiful smile so you can enjoy your family’s feast without pain and discomfort and smile for family photos without fear or embarrassment.

That’s why our team at Brar Dentistry wants you to know about dental crowns. Today, we’re talking about crowns and four of the ways we can use them to fix your smile in time for the upcoming holidays!

Dental Crowns Replace With Bridges

No one is completely immune to tooth loss. One of the leading causes of it is gum disease, but even outside of that, you can still lose a tooth. Now, kids lose teeth all the time, but we know an adult tooth will soon take its place.

But once your adult teeth are in, losing any of them leaves you no other choice but to replacement it with an artificial tooth. You could get a tooth knocked out from an injury or accident at any age, for example, and may need a dental crown as a result.

In the case of one missing tooth, we can use a series of three dental crowns as a solution. This is called a dental bridge. It works by anchoring the replacement crown in the center over the empty space with a crown on either side of it over the neighboring teeth.

This is an effective, stable option that doesn’t require surgery and gives you a complete, attractive smile.

Dental Crowns Replace Missing Teeth With Implants

When it comes to tooth replacement, no other option offers the kind of security you get with dental implants. If you’re in need of tooth replacement and your jawbone is strong and healthy enough, an implant can be placed inside the space to act as a synthetic root.

Eventually, the implant becomes fused with your jawbone, encouraging more healthy bone growth for stability and strength. Since the implant is covered by a tooth-colored dental crown, your replacement looks completely natural.

Dental Crowns Repair Damaged Teeth

If you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid trauma to your mouth, your teeth can still become damaged. It just happens more slowly and subtly over a period of time. That can mean chips, dents, wear, or stains.

Any sort of damage like that will leave your teeth vulnerable to problems like decay and infection. That’s because even the tiniest bit of trauma to a tooth causes a weakening of the tooth’s enamel, which is necessary to keep bacteria out.

With a dental crown, though, we can cover visible damage thanks to the natural-looking material it’s made of. The dental crown also adds a layer of protection so the tooth won’t be worsened in the years to come.

Dental Crowns Treat Decayed & Infected Teeth

One of the most common restorative treatments in dentistry is a dental filling. Throughout your lifetime, if you’ve ever had a decayed tooth, a standard filling was probably effective in treating it. Basically, it’s where your remaining healthy enamel is bonded to a filling that seals up the damage and protects the tooth.

But there are certain cases where a cavity can become too large for a standard filling. It’s not necessarily common, but it can happen if harmful bacteria is given enough time to decay too much enamel.

This doesn’t give a dental filling enough healthy enamel to adhere to, so a dental crown is used to cover the tooth. The weak, decayed tooth will be protected from further damage from bacteria. The crown strengthens the tooth, and also makes it look natural to match the rest of your teeth.

Fix Your Smile With Dental Crowns!

Your teeth are important, and so is your smile! That’s why at a time like Thanksgiving, you definitely want to be able to count on your teeth to be healthy, strong, and attractive.

Dental crowns can fix your smile in a number of ways in order to make that happen! At Brar Dentistry, you can find the right restorative solution to help you enjoy the holiday. That means eating without pain and smiling without fear!

Find out if dental crowns can fix your Thanksgiving smile! Call Brar Dentistry today at 630-883-0970 or fill out our online form. We have 4 locations to serve you in St. Charles, Elgin, South Elgin, and Sleepy Hollow, IL.


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