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When it comes to dental procedures, the one that seems to have the worst reputation is the root canal. Our team at Brar Dentistry wants to dedicate today’s blog to dispelling some of the myths surrounding this procedure once and for all!

MYTH #1: Root Canals Are Really Painful!

Root canals may have been painful years and years ago, but advances in dental technology have completely changed the field of dentistry in recent years. Thanks to these advances, many of the procedures that used to painful simply aren’t anymore. At Brar Dentistry, our root canals are virtually painless. First of all, when you need a root canal, oftentimes you’re talking about a root that’s been so damaged from infection that you probably won’t feel any discomfort at all. But even if the root is still functioning, we offer options in dental sedation that will help you stay relaxed and make your root canal pain-free.

MYTH #2: Root Canals Put Your Health At Risk!

Much of the hype surrounding the potential risks to your health posed by root canal therapy stems from one particular study from the 1920’s. In that study, it was suggested that because a root canal involved an infected tooth, that infection was somehow exposing a patient to other potential health problems. But the truth is, the method of removing infection from a tooth is simply not the same as the methods from the early part of the twentieth century! What was considered a risky procedure long ago, even if this outdated and isolated study were corroborated by more research, is not necessarily going to be considered risky today. There have been too many advancements in technology and improvements on safety in every field of medicine, so this is definitely an unfair assumption.

MYTH #3: Tooth Extraction Is A Better Solution Than A Root Canal!

We’re not exactly sure where this particular myth came from, but perhaps it’s based on the erroneous idea that root canals are painful. Well, we’ve already established that they aren’t, so wouldn’t you try to save a tooth if you could before you decided to pull it? You could always replace an extracted tooth with a dental implant, but we would only extract the tooth and replace it as a last resort. The ideal case is to have a full set of your own healthy teeth. A root canal can help you have that. So if a tooth can be saved by removing the infection with a root canal, that is the better option.

MYTH #4: You Only Need A Root Canal If You Have A Toothache!

A toothache is certainly a cause for concern and should never be ignored. But it’s not always a symptom for people in need of root canal therapy. Yes, oftentimes, you will have a painful toothache when the pulp leading to the root is infected, but everyone is different. No one can say with certainty that every root canal is going to be preceded by some sort of pain. It’s just not the case for everybody. That’s why routine dental cleanings and exams are so important. It allows us to stay on top of things and to catch problems before they get out of control, because some of those problems don’t come with noticeable symptoms.

MYTH #5: Root Canals Are A Temporary Solution!

We’re not saying that infected pulp won’t become infected a second time once it’s been treated, but it’s definitely not common. Once we’ve treated an infected tooth and then protected it with a dental crown, it is highly unlikely that infection will strike that tooth again.

MYTH #6: Root Canals Cause Tooth Sensitivity!

While it’s understandable that your teeth might be sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks for a few days after you’ve had a root canal, the root canal itself isn’t the cause for that. It’s because you’ve had a dental procedure, and like any other complicated dental procedure, you’re probably going to experience some sensitivity around the treated area for a couple of days. Again, every person is different, but no, a root canal is not supposed to cause tooth sensitivity. In fact, in many cases, it serves as a solution to whatever’s causing your sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures in the first place!

If you need a root canal, trust your procedure to our highly skilled team at Brar Dentistry!

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