How Your Exercise Routine Relates To Your Oral Health [BLOG]

Many people share a common New Year’s resolution year after year: eat better and exercise more for better health overall.

This is much easier said than done if you’re not used to consistent physical activity!

But it’s definitely not impossible, especially when you have a team like ours at Brar Dentistry to support your efforts for improved health with services like nutritional counseling to protect your smile!

You might be wondering why a dental practice would be interested in your diet and exercise habits?

It’s because there’s a relationship between your diet, exercise, oral, and overall health. Today, we want to explore this relationship and let you know how we can help you achieve better health and a great smile this year!

The Science Behind Exercise & Oral Health

About ten years ago, a study was published that exposed a relationship between gum disease and exercise. Another study from the same journal five years later only served to further support that connection.

What these studies discovered was that a healthy amount of consistent physical activity would likely result in decreased risk for gum disease.

Unfortunately, science still has a lot of work to do to prove stronger conclusive evidence about this connection between exercise and your oral health. After all, much of this research is fairly recent and needs more support before any substantial claims can be made about recommendations for physical activity and its impact on your smile.

Can Exercise Hurt Your Smile?

Believe it or not, some research suggests that exercise can actually pose a threat to your smile.

That’s not an excuse to toss out your gym clothes and tennis shoes, though!

We’re referring to a study that was published by the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, which explored the negative impacts of too much exercise on your teeth and gums.

The study looked at a group of athletes who regularly participated in very intense, almost excessive exercise regimens and compared their oral health to a group of sedentary individuals.

The main difference the study revealed is that the group of athletes had weaker tooth enamel in general. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise.

That’s because we all know that exercise without proper hydration can lead to decreased saliva production. What may not be so obvious, though, is what a lack of saliva can do to your teeth.

Saliva is the essential natural ingredient your body creates to give your enamel a coating of protection against harmful acids. Over time, your enamel can become weak from erosion and more susceptible to tooth decay and other oral health problems.

What can be taken away from this particular study is the importance of moderation, balance, and adequate hydration!

What Does It All Mean?

Even though the initial research reveals a relationship between exercise and your oral health, it should be noted that we still have so much more to learn.

What’s behind this connection? What’s the causal nature of the links between these two aspects of health?

The answers to these questions will undoubtedly be revealed in the coming years as the research into this topic continues.

In the meantime, it’s important to stay active for your oral and overall health, while also remembering the importance of achieving balance in your life between exercise and rest.

Schedule Nutritional Counseling With Us!

We love when patients seek ways to improve their oral health! A dedication to keeping your mouth healthy will only bring you more broad health benefits in the future, and that’s something we celebrate at Brar Dentistry.

This time of year, there’s a surge of renewed commitment to a healthier lifestyle. It’s everywhere you look with more crowded weight rooms at the neighborhood gym and packed checkout lines at the local health food store.

We see it in our Chicago area dental offices with more requests for nutritional counseling.

Our team of skilled professionals can’t help but get excited about all the New Year’s resolutions our patients talk to us about! It’s another opportunity to do what we love most, and that’s doing all we can to help you regain control of your oral health and living a happier, more fulfilling life.

If you’d like to learn more about how your diet is related to your oral health and how we can help you make the changes necessary to get healthy in 2018, call us today at 630-883-0970 or fill out our online form to request an appointment for nutritional counseling.

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