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Today, our team at Brar Dentistry is giving you Santa’s naughty and nice list of holiday treats so you can keep your smile healthy and beautiful all season long!

Let’s get started!

Holiday Goodies That Are Bad For Your Smile

It’s no crime to indulge your sweet tooth here and there throughout the season, but some foods and drinks should probably be avoided because of what they can do to your smile.

*Holiday Foods & Drinks To Avoid

Sugar is bad for your teeth and your weight, but specifically, you might want to stay away from hard candy canes, sticky desserts and toppings like fruitcake, caramel, and toffee chips, and sugary drinks like eggnog.

Not only do these goodies behave badly in your mouth because of their high sugar content, they can all put you at risk for tooth decay because they inspire harmful bacteria in your mouth to behave badly as well. When bacteria eats the sugar these treats leave behind, it’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to your oral health.

Which Foods Made Santa’s Nice List?

Stick to these nutrient-rich food choices at your next festive holiday gathering!

*Holiday Snacks And Apps

Everyone thinks about the potential for a little holiday weight gain. For the most part, we can toss worry aside and indulge a bit. After all, we can always start fresh and get back on track after New Year’s.

But here and there, many people try to be good when it comes to making healthy food choices as much as they can.

One of the ways you can avoid overdoing it with holiday treats is to fill up on healthy snacks, appetizers, and finger foods at parties.

For example, you can start by snacking on nuts instead of candies. They’re a great filler for decorative dishes on the end tables, and they taste great. Nuts also are a great choice for your teeth and bones because they’re packed with lots of protein and fewer carbs.

Since they’re crunchy, nuts also keep the saliva flowing, which coats your tooth enamel with a shield of protection from acid erosion.

Speaking of crunch, raw veggies have the same saliva-producing effect! A vegetable tray filled with celery, broccoli, and peppers are a great, guilt-free appetizer. Munching on fresh veggies and a natural, yogurt-based dip is a tasty, filling alternative to sugary treats before dinner. They also scrub your teeth while you eat them, which adds to their nutritional value as well.

Hard cheeses do the same thing, scrubbing your teeth and gums clean as you chew. Cheese also contains lots of calcium for strong bones and teeth.

*Holiday Dinner Plate

When it’s time to load your dinner plate, you can put two foods at the top of the nice list for your teeth.

First, add a deviled egg or two. They’re not exclusive to Christmas time parties, and that’s great because you can enjoy these all year long for a healthy smile. Deviled eggs are delicious and packed with calcium and vitamin D.

In fact, it’s the vitamin D that helps your body absorb the calcium in the first place, so add a hardboiled egg to your salad and throw a deviled egg on your holiday dinner plate.

The next choice for keeping your mouth healthy and your tummy happy is a staple on everyone’s buffet table this time of year. It’s succulent, juicy turkey. Full of protein and low on carbohydrates, turkey is a lean, nutritional option you can eat without guilt. The protein keeps your teeth strong and your jawbone healthy, so carve away!

Get Your Teeth On The Nice List!

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If you’re ready to reclaim your oral health, or to just take your smile to the next level in 2018, we are the team you can trust to make it happen!

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