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Plastic surgeons and day spa treatments don’t have the beauty market cornered. A simple trip to your Chicago area dentist can make you look years younger.

At Brar Dentistry, we help patients restore the smile of their youth with our cosmetic and restorative dental procedures. When years of wear and tear on your teeth begin to show your age, there are ways our team of skilled specialists can turn back time and rejuvenate your smile.

Today, we’re sharing some beauty secrets that can take years off of your appearance courtesy of our team at Brar Dentistry.

Get Rid Of A Damaged Tooth

Obviously, we will do all we can to save your natural teeth for as long as possible. But there are times when a tooth has been too damaged due to decay or infection that extracting it is the better option for the sake of your health and your smile in the long run.

If a tooth has been ravaged from infection or decay, it can turn into a dark, dingy color. We don’t associate youth with stained, discolored teeth. That’s why extracting a tooth that’s beyond repair and replacing it with a white, natural-looking restoration can keep your smile intact.

Get Rid Of Old Metal Fillings

Many adults can give away their age simply because their old, metal dental fillings show when they smile. The reason for this is that dentists today tend to use tooth-colored fillings instead of the dark metal ones from years ago.

Replacing your metal fillings for white composite fillings is an easy way to protect your teeth without giving away the fact that you’ve had dental work or that you had it years and years ago.

Get Dental Implants For A Restored, Youthful Smile

If your smile is going to look healthy and youthful, it has to be complete. If you’ve ever seen a person take their dentures out, you’ll notice how missing teeth completely changes the structure of your face and instantly makes you look years older than you may actually be.

Your cheeks become sunken due to the loss of bone mass and healthy gum tissue, and wrinkles around your mouth become more pronounced. Choosing not to replace even one tooth can result in a largely toothless smile down the road.

Dental implants allow you to keep all of your teeth, gums, and jawbone engaged and healthy. This will protect your smile overall and help you avoid the instant aging that tooth loss creates.

Get A Radiant Smile With Veneers

Veneers are an incredibly popular and versatile solution, both cosmetically and restoratively. Veneers, while very thin, and highly durable and longlasting. They can be used:

-To fill small gaps between your teeth

-To correct misshapen teeth

-To whiten your smile dramatically

-To cover and protect your teeth from chips and cracks

Get Straighter Teeth With Discreet Orthodontics

One of the perks of aging is that your teeth shift and move, so even if you have braces in the past, you might, once again, long for a straighter smile. The good news is that you don’t have to endure traditional metal braces to get there.

Brar Dentistry offers Invisalign and other discreet options in orthodontics that are ideal for adults who don’t necessarily want to advertise the fact that they’re wearing braces.

Get A Glowing, Whiter Smile

You don’t have to go through a long list of complicated treatments to have a younger looking smile. Professional teeth whitening is as simple as it gets! It’s a non-invasive way to beautify your smile, take years off your appearance, and feel confident about showing off your smile.

Get Rid Of Gum Disease

Gum disease treatment can make you look younger in a couple of ways. Not only will your red, swollen gums be restored to a healthy shade of pink, but you’ll reduce your risk of the health problems associated with gum disease. You’ll also be rid of the persistent bad breath that often comes along with gum disease.

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