How One Patient Overcame Dental Fear and Restore His Mouth {VIDEO}

Fear is a powerful tool. It can make us think illogically or keep us from things that are absolutely necessary. Our St. Charles, IL dental staff understands that dental fear is a major problem in this country.

About 20 percent of Americans struggle with dental fear. Some people are so afraid of the dentist that they avoid the dental office at all costs, even if they are in pain. It’s not uncommon for people with dental fear to try drastic home remedies or resort to eating on only one side of the mouth. They’ll try just about anything to avoid the problem — or a dental office.

This was what happened to one of our patients, Howard. He is a great guy who struggled with bad teeth for years. He avoided eating on the right side of his mouth, and he never smiled. If he did smile, he would put his hand over his mouth.

When Howard came to our office, he was in excruciating pain. We worked to keep him comfortable, relieve his dental anxiety, and rebuild his smile. He is more of his story.

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Jeff W. – Elgin, IL

I have read these reviews and I can only guess that these people didn't want to pay their bills. Dr. Brar and Sonia don't overcharge for expert services provided. Sonia follows the insurance coverage agreements and she doesn't tack on additional charges not covered. Dr. Bar provides temp crowns the ...