Restore Your Summer Smile With Dental Implants! [BLOG]

When most of us think of summer, our minds tend to gravitate toward outdoor activities like baseball games, afternoons at the park or the pool, and maybe summer family vacations at the beach.

But then our thoughts quickly zero in on those sensory cues that summer conjures within us… the perfume of colorful flowers, the smell of chlorine and salt water, and the aroma of delicious summertime food. Fresh corn on the cob and barbecue ribs waft throughout the neighborhood as everyone gets back to the grill.

If you have a healthy, full set of teeth, all of this is delightful to think about. But if you’re missing one or more teeth, it’s probably the exact opposite! If that’s you, then you probably know all about just how debilitating in can be to not be able to fully participate in the wonderful things summer has to offer.

So our team at Brar Dentistry wants to help you get out there and enjoy summer like everyone else! Today’s blog is talking about dental implants and how this revolutionary tooth replacement treatment can restore your smile this summer.

Dental Implants Can Give You A Beautiful Summer Smile!

Missing teeth can force you to be the one missing out. What we mean is there are things you can’t enjoy when you don’t have a full set of healthy teeth.

For one thing, there’s the emotional toll it can take on you. You are probably embarrassed to smile, and as a result, you don’t feel confident enough to be around a lot of people. Who can have a good time when all you can think about is fighting the urge to smile or laugh in front of others? So there goes your social life, right?

There’s also the issue of how such a lack of confidence can have a profoundly negative ripple effect on the rest of your life, not just your time spent among your circle of family and friends. Your thoughts can manifest themselves into problems with your overall health in a big way.

So dental implants can give you an attractive, confident smile that will enable you to resume your life and pursue all the things you want but have not had the courage to go after.

Dental Implants Can Allow You To Eat With Confidence At Your Summer Barbecue!

Just like the effects of low self-confidence hurts you emotionally and psychologically, the physical effects of missing teeth are also debilitating.

Think about the last cookout or other summer social gathering you attended. If you’re missing teeth, you’re already aware of how that will impact your ability to eat the foods you love. So you pass up the corn, the grilled steak, the fresh veggies, and the barbecue ribs.

If what you’re able to eat is limited to only softer foods because of you’re missing teeth or ill-fitted removable dentures, it’s going to inevitably keep you from optimal nutrition.

Dental implants are the best tooth replacement option for resuming the kind of bite force you would have with your natural teeth. So there’s another way they can help you this summer! No longer do you have to settle for a plate of soft foods while the sweet, spicy aroma of ribs waft your way!

Dental Implants Can Help You Maintain Good Oral Health!

If you have any experience wearing removable dentures, you’ve dealt with the painstaking task of keeping them clean and well-maintained. It can be a real hassle!

But dental implants result in a full set of healthy teeth that are just like your natural ones, so you can keep them clean very easily. This is great for your oral health because you can resume a good hygiene routine at home with brushing and flossing just like you used to!

Dental Implants Are Good For Your Bones!

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that gives your jawbone the stimulation it needs to get stronger and to keep getting stronger. Dentures rest on the gums, so there’s no stimulation happening to promote healthy bone growth. This compromises the structural integrity of your face, and also your ability to keep all the rest of your teeth healthy.

Find Your Tooth Replacement Solution At Brar Dentistry!

Are you ready to enjoy your summer with a full set of strong, healthy teeth? Then it’s time to visit one our four Chicago area dental offices this summer to find the right tooth replacement solution for you!

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