Root Canals: A Most Misunderstood Dental Treatment

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There are few dental procedures that have as bad a reputation as root canals. Why is that? A lot of the bad rap comes from people who just don’t understand what a root canal is and what it does to help your smile. Some of the negative views also come from dentists who may not have performed the procedure in the gentlest way.


Whether your negative perception of root canals comes from personal experience or because of the negative opinions of others, Brar Dentistry is here to set the record straight. Dr. Brar and Dr. Bram have over 25 combined years of treating people who need root canals. We are able to provide you with a comfortable root canal experience in the Elgin, IL area.


For now, we’ll separate fact from fiction with regards to root canal treatment.


What is a Root Canal?


A root canal is a procedure that will remove an infected nerve from your tooth. When the inner part of the tooth (the nerve and surrounding tissue) becomes injured or infected, you are at risk for developing an abscess, a pocket of infection within your gum tissue, that can cause additional problems for your entire smile. A root canal is an effective treatment that removes the infection and saves your tooth from having to be extracted.


The process is simple:


  • Dr. Brar or Dr. Bram will numb your tooth.
  • Once the numbing agent is in effect, a small access hole is made. This hole is how your dentist can remove the damaged nerve and pulp (material surrounding the nerve).
  • Once the nerve is removed, the inner portion of the tooth is empty. Your dentist will make sure that there is no damaged material left within your tooth.
  • At that point, your tooth is cleaned with a solution to make sure that it is sterile.
  • Material called gutta-percha is put into the tooth to stabilize the structure of your tooth.
  • Your tooth is sealed with a dental crown. From there, you have a usable and healthy tooth that you will not need to have removed.


Common Root Canal Myths


Now that you know what a root canal is, let’s look at some of the misinformation regarding this procedure.


  • Root Canals Are Painful – This is a total myth. Many times the nerve inside your tooth is so damaged that you don’t feel anything. What you feel during a root canal is much like what you feel during a dental filling. We use local anesthesia to reduce any pain as well as dental sedation to calm your nerves.


  • You Should Have the Tooth Removed Instead – Drs. Brar and Bram believe it is in your best interest to keep your natural teeth when possible. So if a root canal can save your real tooth, it is preferable to an extraction.


  • Root Canals Cause More Problems and Even Illness – A study in the 1920s stated that root canal treatment opened you up to other diseases, and that tooth extractions were the better way to go. This study was debunked due to its flawed research and conclusion. Root canal treatment does not cause more issues, it cures them.


Brar Dentistry can help you get the smile you want. With over 25 years of combined experience, we have the skills and knowledge to help you. Call any of our four Chicago area locations to get the help you need. You can reach us at 630-883-0970 to schedule your appointment today.

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