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Because we’re fast approaching Halloween, you’re probably already surrounded by small celebrations of frightful things. Store windows are decked with decals of ghostly ghouls, all through the neighborhood finds porch after porch stacked with pumpkins and broom-wielding witches, and the prime time cable lineup is one classic horror film after another.

There’s enough reason to feel spooked this time of year, but it’s all in fun. What you shouldn’t have to be afraid of are the dangerous effects of sleep apnea that threaten your health. That’s because you know where to find help.

Brar Dentistry offers sleep apnea treatment options so you can avoid the risks of this potentially harmful condition. Although it’s surprisingly common, sleep apnea is largely misunderstood in many ways. We’re not trying to take advantage of Halloween’s fear factor, but we do want you to know that sleep apnea is something everyone should take seriously.

That’s why today’s blog exposes some of the scary truths about sleep apnea so that you can protect yourself from its potentially dangerous consequences!

FACT: Sleep apnea is when your airway becomes blocked while your sleep.

If you have sleep apnea, you experience a terrifying pattern that looks something like this:

-You fall asleep.

-Your airway becomes blocked and you stop breathing.

-You jerk awake.

-You fight to breathe again.

-Your breathing returns to normal, and you fall back asleep.

-Repeat the pattern up to a couple of hundred times before morning.

Many people with sleep apnea don’t recall waking up during the night as this vicious cycle goes on, but for those who do remember it, it’s absolutely terrifying!

FACT: Sleep apnea can be dangerous.

Because it’s a fairly common condition, some people tend to dismiss it as something to worry about. But the truth is sleep apnea is dangerous, and even sometimes deadly, and it should always be taken seriously.

That’s because sleep apnea comes with miserable symptoms. You snore loudly every night, you wake up tired, you spend all day feeling tired, you have frequent headaches, sore throat, and mood swings, and you can become easily distracted and forgetful.

If that weren’t bad enough, you also run a higher risk to get into accidents because of the fatigue and impairment to your concentration. You also are at a greater risk for depression, weight gain, and high blood pressure.

FACT: Being overweight can put you at a higher risk for sleep apnea.

Speaking of weight gain, if you’re overweight to begin with, you have a better chance of developing sleep apnea. But make no mistake, sleep apnea can affect skinny people, too. The good news, though, is that you can lower your risk for having it if you commit to losing weight and getting in shape so there’s less pressure on your throat muscles when you sleep.

FACT: Sleep apnea symptoms can be widespread and tough to connect.

We’ve already listed many of the common symptoms of sleep apnea, so you can probably see how a person might not connect the dots that all lead back to sleep apnea. In addition to the symptoms, you can also consider other lifestyle characteristics that could be causing this condition.

For example, if you consume high amounts of alcohol, take prescription medication, or are fatigued and stress already, you could be increasing your chances for developing sleep apnea.

Because the symptoms and risks are so diverse and widespread, it’s so important to seek proper diagnosis and treatment from a trained professional like our team at Brar Dentistry!

FACT: Men and women are both at risk for sleep apnea.

Because snoring is such a prevailing indication of sleep apnea, many people tend to associate this disorder with men. Just like being overweight can increase your risk without meaning only overweight people can suffer from it, gender can also be an indicator of risk, but not necessarily cause. Both men and women are fair game when it comes to sleep apnea!

GOOD NEWS: You can find sleep apnea treatment with us!

The truth about sleep apnea is scary, and justifiably so! That’s why we encourage you to let us help you determine if you have it and find restful sleep if you do!
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