Tips For Beating Sleep Apnea At Home [BLOG]

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You’re keeping your loved ones awake every night with your loud snoring. You’re waking up every morning with a sore throat. You spend each day struggling to stay awake and on task because you’re so exhausted.

Night after night, sleep apnea is keeping you and the people you love from getting the rest you need. This is because your airways are closing repeatedly, stopping your breathing and waking you up, all throughout the night.

You can stop this vicious pattern by calling Brar Dentistry and making an appointment to be tested for sleep apnea. We have an experienced team who can help diagnose and treat your sleep apnea effectively.

In the meantime, there are things you can start doing today that could help mitigate your sleep apnea, or maybe even help you beat it altogether. Here are a few tips!

Tips For Beating Sleep Apnea At Home

If you’d rather avoid appointments and specialists, you can try a few of these simple lifestyle tips to see if they help your sleep apnea symptoms. But for the sake of your health, we suggest you don’t wait too long before you come to see us for proper diagnosis if these changes don’t offer any relief!

Create A Nighttime Routine

One of the most common bits of advice new parents receive is to establish a nighttime routine for infants. This helps to promote a more successful sleeping pattern early on for the baby. That’s because a schedule offers a sense of peace and security, which reduces stress and encourages a restful sleep. The same is true for adults!

Establishing a routine as your evening winds down will help you feel less stressed and more ready for a restful sleep.

Don’t Use Medicinal Sleep Aids

If you’re not getting a restful sleep each night, you’re exhausted. So why in the world would we suggest that you stay away from sleep aids?

The reason has to do with your throat muscles. Sleep apnea is caused by sagging muscles in your throat that eventually close your airways. Sedatives will only aggravate this problem, causing your throat muscles to relax even more and stop your breathing passages while you sleep.

Healthy Diet & Regular Exercise

We’ve dedicated many blogs to improving your oral health. One of the recurring themes you’ll find in those articles has to do with maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine. It not only promotes healthy teeth and gums, but it can also help you beat the effects of sleep apnea.

One of the reasons for this is because being overweight puts you at a higher risk for developing sleep apnea. By staying physically fit and eating a sensible diet, you’re keeping body fat down and reducing your chances that excess fat will block your airways while you’re sleeping.

Stop Smoking

Smoking causes swelling in your throat, which can result in blocked airways. When this happens, you’ll stop breathing for several seconds, jerk yourself awake, and then fall back to sleep.

This cycle repeats all through the night, so you never really get the deeper sleep you need to feel refreshed each day. To reduce swelling, and to improve your overall health as well, you should do all you can to stop smoking for good.

Avoid Food & Caffeine Before Bed

It’s no surprise that drinking caffeine right before bed will keep you awake and alert. Eating right before bed will also keep you up because you’ll feel uncomfortable with a heavy meal on your stomach.

If your schedule forces you to eat dinner much later in the evening, just be sure to keep it light and to avoid caffeinated drinks before you head to bed.

For Sleep Apnea Diagnosis & Relief, Visit Brar Dentistry!

As we said before, these simple changes can help lessen the effects of sleep apnea. But you shouldn’t wait too long before seeing our trusted professionals if these don’t give you any relief.

Call us today at 630-883-0970 or fill out our online form for proper diagnosis and effective treatment of your sleep apnea. We have 4 locations to serve you in St. Charles, Elgin, South Elgin, and Sleepy Hollow, IL.

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