Where In the World did Dental Implants Come From?

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Contrary to popular belief, dental implants are not replacement teeth, strictly speaking. Instead, dental implants are replacement tooth roots. They are placed into your jaw and support solid crown restorations that act like your natural teeth. With the dental implant and crown restoration working in concert, you can have an entirely new, functional smile.

Now that you know what dental implants are, where did they come from? The journey of dental implants starts over 1,400 years ago in an ancient advanced civilization.

The Mayan Dental Implant Solution

The first evidence that we have found of dental implants comes out of the ancient Mayan empire. This society was known for their advanced technology and building prowess. They are responsible for the first suspension bridge. This bridge was not just a few ropes and some wood – it was an amazing structure that spanned a river at flood stage for much of the year. The Mayans are also responsible for the discovery of concrete, which aided them in the construction of the suspension bridge.

Much like these technological breakthroughs, dental implants are the invention of the ancient Mayans. Skeletons dating back to 600 AD show that the Mayans would replace missing teeth by implanting seashells and minerals into the empty tooth sockets. The bone structure in the area of the implants shows signs of attempting to bond with these replacement options. The early implant attempts were less than effective, but they did shed light on the fact that the body will do what it can to replace a missing tooth.

Sometimes It Pays to be Lucky: The Modern Dental Implant Mistake

The Mayan discovery showed us the piece of the tooth replacement puzzle that was missing: The body needs a material it can bond with to effectively replace a missing tooth. This is where the glorious mistake of dental implants comes into play.

In 1952, there was an orthopedic surgeon conducting research on the blood flow within the femur bones of rabbits. In order to observe the flow, he placed titanium cylinders in the bones. When the research was concluded, the surgeon tried to remove the cylinders and found that they had fused with the bones. In fact, they had bonded so completely that the only way to remove them was to break the bones!

This bonding ability is called osseointegration, and it’s unique to titanium. In 1965 this same surgeon placed the first pair of titanium dental implants into a patient. The patient was healed within six months, and these implants lasted for forty years. We had finally found a material that the body could work with to replace real teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are three distinct advantages to using dental implants for tooth replacement.

1. Stability – The secret of osseointegration is the key to the level of stability you can enjoy with dental implants. Due to the implant’s complete bond with your dental bone, you will be able to smile, speak, and eat knowing that your teeth will stay where they’re supposed to.

2. Protection – An overlooked function of your real teeth is jawbone protection. When you lose a real tooth, you are left with an open spot in your smile and in your jawbone underneath. This open spot in the bone puts you at risk of bone deterioration. Dental implants are able to stimulate your bone and thus prevent deterioration. Keep your smile looking full with the help of dental implants.

3. Lifelong Solution – Some things get better with age. Wine is one, and dental implants are another. The first set of dental implants lasted for forty years. Today’s modern iterations can last a lifetime with proper home care and regular maintenance at Brar Dentistry.

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