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Cosmetic Lift Dentures™

“Are dentures going to make me look old?” Here at Brar Dentistry, we hear that a lot. Believe it or not, a denture wearer can’t help the way their smile looks, but we can. Cosmetic lift dentures will change the way you think about dentures.

Your mind probably goes to older people with sunken cheeks, thin lips, and a chin that always looks unhappy. Call Dr. Johnson at his St. Charles, IL dentist office and find out if cosmetic lift dentures can change your entire look. Dial 630-883-0970 now.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Lift Dentures™

Gone are the days of a sunken jaw and depressed chin. The idea behind cosmetic lift dentures is to open your smile, provide support for your jawbone, and create a lasting smile.

Cosmetic lift dentures actually stimulate your jawbone so that it stays healthy and robust. After years of wearing down your teeth or losing teeth entirely, your cosmetic lift denture will create space between your chin and nose, which helps to create the “lift” effect.

The dentures will be fitted so that they are perfectly comfortable to wear and advantageous to your profile. Cosmetic lift dentures are aligned to create comfort as well as jaw alignment and facial space. These three things work together to rejuvenate the look of your face.

Ask Dr. Johnson About Cosmetic Lift Dentures™

If it’s time to consider teeth replacement options, don’t settle for traditional dentures. Take the next step and bring youth back into your face! Just because you’ve lost your natural teeth does not mean you need to show your age (or worse, look older than you are!).

Call 630-883-0970 to set up an appointment with Dr. Johnson. Bring your questions about cosmetic lift dentures, and find out if you qualify for the advanced denture option. We can’t wait to help you look as young as you feel!

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