I’m in Pain

Dental pain is one of the hardest pains to deal with. This is due to how much we use our mouths on a daily basis. What’s worse is that dental pain is often a signal that you have a serious problem with your mouth. Make sure you are taking your dental pain seriously and getting the emergency dental care you need from Brar Dentistry.

At Brar Dentistry, you will get the emergency dental care you need because we are available to help you when you need it. Our offices are open until 7:00 p.m. most days throughout the week and until 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. We accept all walk-in patients into a warm and comforting environment that will reassure you that you’re in good hands.

Emergency Dental Situations

There are several situations that cause dental pain and should be treated as an dental emergency. Here are some of the ones we see on a regular basis.

  • Cracked Teeth – A badly cracked tooth can put your whole smile at risk. A crack will leave your tooth open to further damage and possible infection if it is not taken care of quickly. This is all in addition to causing you dental pain. Let us help you fix your damaged tooth and solve your painful situation quickly.
  • Broken Teeth – The next level past a crack is a break in your tooth. A broken tooth exposes the inside part of your tooth to the harmful bacteria that is always present in your mouth, and it leaves you susceptible to infection. Call Brar Dentistry immediately, and get the care you need to save your tooth and get rid of your pain.
  • Infections – Infections in your dental structure do not just threaten your smile but potentially your life as well. An untreated infection can lead to more serious problems if you do not get the care you need quickly. If you are in pain and suspect an infection, call our office today to get help.

Dental pain is a signal from your body that something is wrong, and it is a signal that you cannot afford to ignore. If you need an emergency dental care, get to our office as quickly and safely as you can. If you want to schedule a non-emergency appointment, you can call Brar Dentistry at 630-883-0970. Either way, we will be waiting to help you get out of pain.

Jeff Hoadley

I was in your office 11/24/17 for an emergency extraction. Also a very edgy and nervous patient having had a traumatic dental experience much earlier in life. From the time i came through the doors all staff was pleasant, professional and courteous. I can't remember staff name as of now but they ...


Video: Dr. Brar Talks about Brar Dentistry's Numbing Technique

Tooth pain can occur anytime of the day. When disregarded it could get worse. At Brar Dentistry, they deal even with the worst dental scenarios. In this video, Dr. Brar introduces our numbing technique that can get you out of pain right away. Brar Dentistry has four locations around the state of Illinois. Visit the one near you. To book your visit, you may speak with one of our staff at 630-883-0970. Visit our website for more info: Watch more of our videos at and follow our Facebook page at