Brar Dentistry – Your Sleepy Hollow, IL Dentist Office

Brar Dentistry in Sleepy Hollow, IL, is one of four Chicago area practices of Dr. Rick Brar. At this office, we will help you renew your smile and discover a newfound confidence you didn’t know was possible. You can find our office at:

Brar Dentistry
1053 W. Main St.
Sleepy Hollow, IL 60118

Business Hours:

  • Monday 7am – 8pm
  • Wednesday 7am – 8pm
  • Friday 7am – 3pm
  • Saturday 7am – 2pm

To schedule your appointment, simply call our office at 630-883-0970. You can also use our online form to schedule your appointment. One of our friendly staff members will reach out to connect with you just as soon as possible. You can trust your smile to Brar Dentistry. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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