Oral Surgery

There may be a time where you need a surgical procedure to help your smile be as good as it can be. Brar Dentistry in South Elgin, IL offers many procedure options, sedation dentistry, and expert care under one roof, so there is really no reason not to choose us for your oral surgery needs. Trust the dentists at Brar Dentistry to help you fix your smile and get one you can be proud showing off.

Removing teeth for a healthier mouth

We do tooth extractions, whether it’s single tooth extractions or wisdom teeth extractions. We feel strongly that in order to say we take care of all our patients’ dental needs, that we take care of one of the more basic dental needs. Let us help you get a problem tooth out of your smile and get you back to a comfortable, healthy state.

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that come into your mouth. They are an extra set of molars (back teeth) that normally come in between the late teens and early 20s. They can cause many problems and pain, primarily because they do not come in correctly or there is just not enough room in your mouth to accommodate them. Whatever the reason, Dr. Brar of South Elgin, IL can help you and your smile by extracting this unneeded set of molars.

Fix jaw and bone issues

A ridge augmentation fixes deformities in your jaw that are the result of injury, tooth extraction or tooth loss, or even genetics. We graft bone into place to correct the deformity and give you back a normal, full appearance.

A sinus lift is another procedure that uses a bone grafting procedure. First, Dr. Brar will lift a portion of your upper jaw into your sinus cavity. The resulting void is filled with bone-like material to stimulate new bone growth. This may be recommended if you need to build up bone mass for the placement of dental implants.

Stop gum recession with gum grafts

Gum recession is one of the biggest reasons you would need a gum graft. By taking healthy gum material from another area of your mouth (most likely the roof), Dr. Brar of South Elgin, IL will restore the proper level to your gumline and get your smile back to where you want it.

In addition to building up gums, Dr. Brar may recommend a bone graft. If you need more bone mass for dental implant placement or need to correct the profile of your smile, we often suggest bone grafts. This procedure can give you incredible long-term results.

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