Relieving Dental Anxiety


If you’ve had a past negative experience at the dentist or are self-conscious about the state of your teeth, you may have dental anxiety. No matter the reason for your anxiety, the Brar Dentistry team will help you overcome it! Beating these fearful feelings are important so you can:

  • Visit us for routine dental care that keeps your teeth healthy
  • Beautify your smile with cosmetic dental treatments
  • Address dental problems when they are small and easiest to treat

Our nonjudgmental doctors have nearly 90 years of combined dental experience, so they’ve calmed many nervous patients. They’ll explain every dental procedure before it starts so you know exactly what to expect. And our caring staff knows how to make you comfortable with amenities like heated massage chairs.

To experience stress-free dentistry at our South Elgin, IL dentist office or one of our three other locations, call 630-883-0970.

Soothe Nerves With Individualized Attention & Sedation

Our team is skilled in administering local anesthesia. Many dentists treat the application of numbing agent in a cookie-cutter fashion, but our dentists understand that everyone is different and some patients need more or less anesthesia than others. They listen to you, and if you feel anything at all, they stop and make sure you’re comfortable before continuing.

Our team also understands that anesthesia isn’t always enough, so you can get dental sedation as well. We offer three different types so you can select the one that will work best for you during your procedure. All offer different levels of relaxation, and our dentists will review the pros and cons of each approach with you. They are:

  • Nitrous oxide or “laughing gas”
  • Oral sedation in the form of a pill you take prior to your procedure
  • IV sedation that is administered intravenously

To ease your dental anxiety, call 630-883-0970 for an appointment at one of our four greater Chicago area dentist offices.

Jeff Hoadley

I was in your office 11/24/17 for an emergency extraction. Also a very edgy and nervous patient having had a traumatic dental experience much earlier in life. From the time i came through the doors all staff was pleasant, professional and courteous. I can't remember staff name as of now but they ...

Free e-book!
Free e-book!

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Video: Dr. Brar on Helping a Patient with Dental Anxiety at Brar Dentistry | South Elgin, IL

Dr. Brar recognizes the anxiety of patients when it comes to treating their dental problems. At Brar Dentistry, we help patients ease the tension and get comfortable with their treatment. Our patients can trust our sedation options to help them overcome their anxiety. Brar Dentistry ensures that patients get the best treatment they have always wanted.