Relieving Dental Anxiety

Do you fear going to the dentist? Brar Dentistry in South Elgin, IL can help you in relieving dental anxiety and get the care you need.

Dental anxiety: a common problem

Quite a few people suffer from this affliction. In fact, according to recent estimates, between 24 and 35 million adults in the U.S. suffer from dental anxiety. This does not mean that they are simply worried about going to the dentist but still go. This is a large group of people who will avoid going to the dentist at all costs, even up to sacrificing the health and beauty of their smile.

Causes of dental anxiety

For most people who suffer from dental anxiety, the root cause of their dental fear is a painful past experience. For some, this would be a childhood trip to the dentist that turned painful, or an adult trip in which they endured unnecessary dental work or judgment about their mouth. Whatever the situation, you should not have to endure pain while in the dental chair.

Comfortable, stress-free dentistry

Our dental staff in South Elgin, IL is trained to help patients that are feeling nervous or scared before their dental treatment. You will find an office full of friendly faces who are here to make sure you are taken care of in a gentle manner.

Our team is also skilled in administering local anesthesia. Many dentists treat the application of numbing agent in a cookie-cutter fashion, but that is not the case with Dr. Brar and Dr. Bram. We understand that everyone is different, and some patients may need more or less anesthesia than others. That is why we listen to you, and if you feel anything at all, we will stop and make sure that you are comfortable before we continue.

Relax with sedation dentistry

Dental sedation is an amazingly effective way to help you stay comfortable while you are getting the dental care that you need. Our office in South Elgin, IL offers several forms of dental sedation for any level of fear. The first is nitrous oxide. This is an inhaled sedative that will calm your nerves and make it possible for you to relax during your treatment. It wears off quickly following your procedure, so you will be able to drive yourself from our office. We also offer oral dental sedation. A little stronger than nitrous, this is a pill that you will take about an hour before your procedure is set to begin. You will need someone to drive you home from your appointment.

IV sedation, our strongest form, allows us to adjust your sedation level up or down depending on your needs. You will be conscious but probably will not remember the procedure at all. You will need a ride to and from your appointment, as this type of sedation will need a few hours to work through your system.

Whether you need someone to talk to you about your dental fear or a little added help with our dental sedation, Brar Dentistry can help you get past your dental anxiety and on your way to a healthy, stunning smile. Call any one of our four locations in St. Charles, Sleepy Hollow, Elgin & South Elgin, IL today at 630-883-0970 to schedule your appointment. You can also use our online form to schedule your appointment.

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Dr. Brar recognizes the anxiety of patients when it comes to treating their dental problems. At Brar Dentistry, we help patients ease the tension and get comfortable with their treatment.Our patients can trust our sedation options to help them overcome their anxiety. Brar Dentistry ensures that patients get the best treatment they have always wanted.