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Dental Crowns & Dental Bridges

Do you have a damaged tooth holding your smile back? Do you need to fill a gap in your smile? Dental crowns and dental bridges from Brar Dentistry in South Elgin, IL may be the answer you are looking for. Take a look at what these restorative dental options can do for you and how they can get your smile back on track.

What Is A Dental Crown?

Think of a dental crown like a small cap that fits over the top of your damaged tooth. The inside is hollow, but it is strong enough to hold up to the biting forces inside your mouth. Our crowns are exact matches for the teeth they are fixing, so your smile will look as good as it ever has.

How Can Crowns Help My Smile?

Crowns can fix multiple issues affecting your smile, including:

Cracks – Cracked teeth are dangerous because they are that much closer to breaking. Fix the crack and protect your tooth from breaking with a dental crown.

Breaks – Exposing the inner part of your tooth to the bacteria in your mouth is risky, but that is exactly what happens when you break a tooth. A dental crown will support your broken tooth and seal it from the bacteria that could infect your tooth.

Tooth Decay – As decay eats away at your tooth, you may not have enough tooth left for a filling to be effective. In these cases, dental crowns are a great fix that will restore the use and appearance of your damaged tooth.

What Kinds Of Crowns Does Dr. Brar Offer?

We offer e.max porcelain dental crowns. This ceramic crown is thinner than normal porcelain, which means less prep work (enamel removal) is needed. We can also offer you crowns made the same day you come in for treatment thanks to CEREC technology. Get a dental crown in a few hours versus a few weeks with other dental offices around.

Are Dental Bridges Offered?

We do offer traditional fixed bridges, as well as implant-supported options. At Brar Dentistry, you can get the solution that will work best for your smile.

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