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Sedation Dentistry Services in Elgin, South Elgin & Sleepy Hollow

Sedation Dentistry can be used to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental treatments. These safe and effective treatments allow us to eliminate stress for apprehensive patients.

We understand that dental treatments can cause anxiety for some patients, and this causes them to avoid necessary care. This can have a negative impact on dental health and ultimately lead to more serious issues. If you are avoiding the dentist for this reason, sedation dentistry may be the solution! At Pro Dental Care, we want to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile!

For your comfort, we offer local anesthesia, laughing gas, IV sedation and oral sedation. (Varies by location.)

Local Anesthesia

Delivered by injections, local anesthesia temporarily numbs the area we are working on. This medication prevents the nerves from communicating with pain receptors in the brain. While local anesthesia does not help a patient relax, sometimes, just the knowledge that the area is numb can relieve stress.

Laughing Gas

Inhaled through a mask over the nose, this is a safe and effective sedative. Laughing gas helps our patients feel comfortable and calm during procedures. All effects of laughing gas wear off quickly.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation is a pill that taken shortly before a procedure. This type of sedation helps a patient feel calm and relaxed during a procedure. The patient will be semi-aware of their surroundings but feel no sense of fear or anxiety.

IV Sedation

IV sedation, as the name suggests, is received intravenously. This type of sedation can manage both pain and anxiety. Since it is administered continuously, we can adjust the level of medication that is being provided throughout the procedure. The patient is typically in a semi-awake state and able to communicate with the dentist but will have little-to-no memory of the procedure.

If dental anxiety is holding you back from receiving needed care, call the team at Pro Dental Care to ask about sedation options and how they can help you.

Our Happy Patients

"amazing staff that makes you feel comfortable from the second you walk in to when you walk out the door. gives you a detailed explanation of your exam and options. everyone is so sweet and there's even a cute dog that hangs out behind the front desk. the office is immaculate and i'm so happy i found a dentist and office that i'm happy with."

Alyssa N.

"Sonia and her team are great! They take care of any situation with great pleasure and urgency. I was able to get my crown fixed the same day I called in with no appointment! I moved out of the area but decided to continue to go to them for all my dental needs. You are more than just another number there. They treat you like family!"

MsNy H.

"Excellent service Doc Keith is the best. Staff is wonderful and Friendly. Love the fact that they do everything under one roof no more running around to specialists."

Patrick G.
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