Trusted & Comprehensive Dental Financing Options In Sleepy Hollow, IL!

At Brar Dentistry, we're dedicated to ensuring that each of our patients has access to dental care that they can afford and feel confident about. Because of this, we provide flexible financing options through Proceed Finance, iCreditWorks, and CareCredit. Our in-house financing selections are straightforward and seamless, so you can access budget-friendly dental support quickly!

Here are some of the many advantages our financing options provide:

  • Easy Payment Plans: Pay for your oral health treatment in installments – not all at once – to spread out the cost and make it more manageable.
  • Rapid Care Access: Start your dental treatment right away, even if you don't have insurance or the money for upfront costs.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Finance various dental procedures, from routine dental exams to veneers, teeth whitening, dental implants, periodontal care, dental crowns, and more.
  • Zero/Low-Interest Options: Our practice offers financing options with zero or low interest, making dental treatments much easier to afford.
  • Simplified Application Process:  Apply online or at our clinic and get approval quickly for an uninterrupted care experience.

Invest in your dental health with peace of mind and financial flexibility! Connect with our team today!

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