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General Dentistry

Every great smile has one very important thing in common. That is a strong dental hygiene routine and routine general dentistry treatments. The preventive care that you can get at our office is crucial to having a healthy and bright smile for life.

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry is dental care that everyone needs during the course of their lifetime. General dentistry includes all of the preventive dental care that you receive to keep your smile bright and healthy, from childhood through adulthood. Dental cleanings and dental exams, gum disease treatment, fluoride treatments, cavity detection, nutritional counseling, and even custom athletic mouthguards are all included in general dentistry.

Why are dental exams and dental cleanings important?

Dental exams and dental cleanings allow your dentist the chance to evaluate your teeth and entire mouth and catch any issues that may begin to develop. This is also when we will make sure that all of those hard-to-reach areas of your mouth are thoroughly cleaned.

Does Dr. Brar treat gum disease?

We do treat gum disease. Regular treatment with scaling and root planing is required to clear up your gum disease. We also use a localized antibiotic treatment to treat the infection that is destroying your gum tissue. If your gum disease has reached advanced levels, you may need bone grafting or gum grafting to repair the damage.

What causes TMJ?

That is the mystery of the dental world. We don’t know what definitively causes it, but we know what contributes to it. Trauma in the area of the joint is a big contributor. Grinding your teeth (bruxism) is both a contributor and a symptom of TMJ disorder. Dr. Brar will go over your situation and can create a splint to take the stress off your joint. This will help it heal on its own.

How do I get rid of chronic dry mouth?

Visiting your dentist is a good start. Dr. Brar will help you figure out what is causing your dry mouth and can find a solution to help you get past this irritating condition.

What is causing my chronic bad breath?

Dry mouth is one reason you may have chronic bad breath. You may also have tooth decay or gum disease that you need to get treated. Dr. Brar will help you figure out the cause and get your breath back to smelling great.

Why are athletic mouthguards important?

Sports guards protect your teeth from damage while you participate in your favorite sports. This damage can be caused by outside forces, or even your own teeth grinding together. Mouthguards save your smile from harm.

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